Who is HospiServe

HospiServe Healthcare Services (Pty) Ltd develops and implements Integrated Hospital Information Management Systems that focuses on primary, ambulatory, acute and chronic care.

Health information technology contributes to the standardisation of processes of care with patient, account and clinical management systems; materials and stock management systems and laboratory and radiology orders and results management systems that integrate seamlessly to service the administrative and clinical staff with vital information that is available and usable when needed and promotes quality and patient safety.

  • We increase the ability to apply assets, resources and materials optimally
  • We reduce the hospital risk profile and exposure to medico-legal noncompliance

We have proven methodologies whereby we collaborate with our clients to solution craft business processes and implement systems aligned to industry standards and best practices.

Knowledge, methodologies, systems and tools are leveraged within our projects and strengthen the ability of our clients to support solutions that services the continuum of care through effective, efficient and intuitive clinical information management from the point of patient encounter to discharge and beyond.

  • effective: accuracy in completing a task
  • efficient: time and effort required in completing a task
  • intuitive: subjective response and interaction with systems

We ensure sustainability through extensive training programs and customer capacity building.


REVELIGHT© is a new generation integrated Healthcare Information Management System that addresses the critical requirements of the global healthcare market. REVELIGHT© empowers you to better manage your facility, reduce your operating cost and serve your clients better.

SOZO is an electronic patient management system specifically designed to manage public sector ART clinics. Clinics collect patient data and replicate to a centralised master patient database. SOZO replicates master data to all participating clinics ensuring that new and existing patient information is available across all clinics for efficient and effective patient management.


Our helpdesk protocol subscribes to ITIL best practices and offers clients a range of Service Level Agreements based on requirements.

Business Process Alignment And Software Deployment


  • Proven methodology ensures a mature and effective Roadmap for the Establishment of Best Practice Business Processes through four distinctive phases: